Thursday, August 5, 2010

trendy taxidermy?

Here's the deal I live in Arkansas where hunting is a major male past time and most like to proudly display their "trophies" in their homes.  I grew up in a small town where every home had at least a few "trophies" hanging on their walls (including my own) so it's hard for me to accept that taxidermy is trendy, but these rooms do make valid points?!?

The white is not so bad?!?

This room has been featured on our blog before, and we both absolutely love it, but again...I spy antlers?!? 

Don't worry if you aren't lucky enough to have your own stuffed animal head...other options do exist.
Ballard offers these faux antlers.  I definitely like the decorative versions better that the real deal?!?

I will admit that these paper mache animal heads from Anthropologie are pretty cool.  You should check out the up-close pics here because they are made of vintage French book that's fancy:) 

I will admit that some of these rooms still look super chic even with the taxidermy!
Happy Thursday...the weekend is almost here!
~the blonde  


  1. I can stomach this "style??" better when it's just the antlers - as opposed to when it looks just like the animal and they glue fake eyelashes on them. Even better if it's paper mache or wood or something. :o) We still make my dad keep his in the basement.
    ~ brunette

  2. I'm looking at a six-point rack and 2 kinds of waterfown as I type!