Tuesday, August 10, 2010

banana leaf motif

I remember falling in love with Nicky Hilton's swank Hollywood Hills home in 2008 when she offered us a glimpse into her world through In Style magazine.  Obviously, her closet is envied by every female, but I remember also loving her kitchen/breakfast room. 

In her In Style video home tour, she describes this room as her favorite and explains that her inspiration for the space came from the Beverly Hills Hotel...where she obviously a lot of time considering her family owns it:)  The dining area of the hotel....

Love the paper with the dusty pink color...very iconic!

Lately, it seems like I keep finding more great homes taking advantage of the banana leaf motif!
How awesome is this kitchen with all the doors...this wallpaper works so great in this space!

You know this wallpaper is super stylish when power couple Nate Berkus and Brain Atwood use it in their own apartment!

NYC's Indochine restaurant covers their walls in this paper too. 

The banana leaf wallpaper is definitely iconic, but other leafy patterns will work great too!

This look definitely takes commitment!  You can take it down a notch, but still deliver the drama by adding a few giant leaves (use palms, banana or whatever you can find) around your home.  These leaves are inexpensive and can be purchased at your grocery store or found in your neighbor's yard:)


These are perfect examples of the power of a little greenery!

I completely obsessed with wallpaper at the moment...I would love to paper something in my home, but it's way too much of a commitment:)  So until I get over it, I guess I will just continue to post on how fabulous it is:)  Here's a post on another iconic wallpaper...dancing zebras!
  ~the blonde

And for fun...Blanche's banana leaf bedroom...you have to love the 80s!

(images via In Style, Beverly Hills Hotel, Coco+Kelley, Elle Decor, Indochine, unknown, Elle Decor, I can't remember, Matters of Style)


  1. Love today's blog! I, too, love banana leaves! I commissioned a local Hot Springs artist to paint a few in my master bathroom. "A few" turned into a jungle of leaves. :-)

    A friend of the Brunette's Mom,
    Linda Stanley

  2. Linda,
    I just got to see a pic of your bathroom and it's awesome! We might just have to show it on tomorrow's post!
    the blonde:)

  3. I was thinking about Linda's bathroom when I read today's post.