Monday, August 9, 2010

summer lovin'

So, I'm running slow this morning and can't really think of one inspiring idea for you all:(   Hopefully, this is not the case for the brunette because this morning she is on a panel with other design/construction professionals the moment, I honestly can't remember what the panel is about...see I told you I'm running slow!

There is one thing on my mind  - Summer will soon end and this only leaves a few more weeks to wear all your cute summer clothes!  So I'm trying to make it a point to wear as many summer hats...

and little shorts with tanks as I can.
(you have to admit that K.C. looks very cute and summery here)

So while it's still here let's try to enjoy our white sundresses...

and other bright frocks that scream summer

because before long we will have to kiss summer goodbye!

I plan on wearing tons of white and all my cute shorts and sandals this month!
~the blonde

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