Wednesday, August 25, 2010

silver lining

This has been one of those weeks when I must keep telling myself that "every cloud has a silver lining," and in honor of this mantra here's a few silver pretties to brighten up your Wednesday!  Plus, who doesn't love a metallic?!?

Isn't this just a beautiful bedroom?  That stool fabric is so it!

I also love these silver Moroccan poufs in this all white living area! 
West Elm did carry these poufs, but they aren't online at the moment?!?

Love this modern silver bathroom...

and who wouldn't want to soak in this metallic dream?

Using silver as an accent can instantly add a little glam to your space!

Now that's a headboard...

Silver also looks amazing when mixed with a little color...

Love, love, love this cabinet!  It's perfectly styled and everything looks amazing against the silvery grey back drop! Isn't it gorgeous?!?

If these silver images weren't enough and you still need a little reminder...then you can always order this too cute print from here.

~the blonde

(images from Decorista, Life in the Fun Lane, Elements of Style, Decorista, Decorista, EofS, unknown)


  1. I'm loving that bench fabric and the built in. Great inspiration.

  2. That silver tiled batyhroom is brilliant! Great Blog.

  3. Lisa, those are my favorites too!

    David, thanks for the comment and becoming a glad you enjoy the blog:)

  4. ok so im studying for a test, totally stressed out and to take a study break i look at yalls blog- and those images are so gorgeous it takes me away for a minute! Hallelujah! :) haha~ That silver shower and the silver tub are like a dream! One day i want to have my own... its on the list. along with like 400 other designs from this amazing blog! If i ever own my own home - its gonna be designed straight from these ideas! :) every now and then i take one of the pictures and save it to my dream home file :) just thought i'd let yall know how much i still love this blog... i keep comin back for more and yall keep delivering!! :)

  5. Nikki,
    I have to say, yesterday was a BAD day for me. Malina kept saying "every cloud has a silver lining" because she posted it, and I was like "no it doesn't" - but your comment made my day! So thanks for being the silver lining to my day!

  6. :) Glad we could be each others, cause before the blog i would have to agree with you!! :)

  7. You should do a totaly gray and white post ... I loved the "fall moody day post" a few days ago and I really was to design a room like that. :)