Thursday, August 12, 2010

shoes as art

I love shoes. 

I'm talkin' LOVE shoes. 

They are art to me - and you may catch me feeling a really soft one and gazing at it in Dillard's.  I may even zone out and dream of a perfect outfit and scenario to wear the shoe in my hand.  So to me, it's shameful to keep shoes in boxes - they should be displayed.  I'm out of space in my poor cramped closet, but when I build a house will definitely make a special place to display my collection!

This beautiful piece of furniture filled with shoes is literally magical to me!

But even without great furniture to hold them - the shoes are beautiful on their own and simple shelves are just fine with me too!

This is a little overboard - but definitely unique!

Even if shoes are in your closet or dressing room - I think they should always be displayed the best you can!

I'm even a fan of a few perfectly placed pairs throughout the home...

These are not technically shoes, but how cute are these shoe forms for a jewelry display??

The blonde is so blessed to have an upstairs dressing room all her own.  She is working to remodel this space - I'm sure she'll share pictures when it's complete - but in the interim, she has this gorgeous display case to hold her equally gorgeous shoe collection!

Have a great Thursday!
So close to Friday I can almost taste it now!  :o)

~ the brunette

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