Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And the Kitchen of the Year Goes To...

A couple weeks ago, House Beautiful revealed its "Kitchen of the Year" - a showcase kitchen designed by Jeff Lewis from Bravo's Flipping Out.  The designer proclaims he doesn't cook, but it's so obvious he knows what a great kitchen design is all about!

From the overall view, there are a few key design points that jump out at me. 

First, his "work triangle" is successful. The "work triangle" is from your refrigerator, to your sink, to your heating area (stove, oven, microwave).  I also like how the island continues almost to the refigerator, so you have a surface to set ingredients on when you pull them out.  This is a great kitchen layout.  The only thing I would personally change - it's incredibly inefficient to place your ovens next to the refrigerator.  This will result in a lot of wasted energy.  I would recommend moving the ovens to the other side of the sink (although he's the contest winner and I'm not). 

Second, as I mentioned way back in this post, wood is great for warming up a modern space.  White countertops and tile backsplashes are offset with dark wooden cabinets and shelving, and light wood floors. 

Third, I love that the wine is kept handy - great wine rack!  :o)

I love the open shelving, and the great sink faucet.  I think it's a great idea to put herbs on the shelf - but a window would help.  I have to keep reminding myself this is not a real kitchen, it's just an installation.

I didn't notice from other shots, but the tabletop extends onto the countertop.  I'm not sure the purpose of this - I guess it's cool looking, but all the space underneath is wasted...

I love the open trusses, this chandelier is amazing - the blonde will love it - the undercounter lights, the wine glasses (how handy the bar is right by the table), this table is just amazing - it looks like really beat-up wood that's been polished and varnished - completely my taste.

My only complaint, is the table is a little high and the stools look uncomfortable.  I would personally nix the table extending on top of the counter and lower it a bit.

I feel like I've completely bashed this kitchen and I didn't intend to at all - I really do love it - there are only about 3 things I would "tweak" ;o) 

~ the Brunette


  1. I agree with your tweaks! I love the rustic with the glam.

  2. I'm with you and Lisa.

  3. I like the white dishes... i need those,,,ikea trip soon