Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{equine & so fine} - home edition

I think horses are among the most beautiful animals in the world.

(pretty sure this image is copyrighted and I have no idea who the artist is)

Okay all animals are beautiful to me, but horses hold a special place in my heart. 

I've never owned a horse, and have only ridden a dozen-or-so times, but am from a lovely town in Arkansas called Hot Springs.  You may have heard of it - it's a major tourist town in our state because of the beautiful national park, bath house row, mountains, lakes - if you've never visited you're truly missing out.  One of the prime tourist seasons is from February to April when Oaklawn Jockey Club hosts live horse racing.

I started going to the horse races when I was probably about 10 years old and watching them run has always been one of my favorite things.  I always cry (just a tad) the first race of the season and the derby race - at a minimum.  Usually a few in between too.  ;o) 

Here we are at the races this year...the two on the left.  The girl on the right is our friend Sarah and she's not that short, she's sitting on a step below us.  She's actually quite tall.  :o)

So that the equestrian look (coined "equestrian chic" by La Dolce Vita - that's where I first heard it anyway) has returned this fall, makes me really happy!!  But today we're not talking about fashion (tomorrow we are) - we're talking about equestrian chic in the home!

I love the "go big or go home" artwork in this dining room. 

Speaking of life-sized horses, check out the guy just hanging out in the office of Chandelier Creative...
he's a lamp if you can believe it - see the shade on his head??

it is, of course, an advertising agency...

I've actually seen this lamp featured quite a bit, but for those of us who don't have the space for a full-sized horse in our living room (or the desire for one) - here are some more basic pieces:

This is one of my favorites - I've wanted this for years..

If these are too much, a smaller print, especially mixed with others, or a small statue is also very equestrian chic - okay I just like using those words.  :o)

Can you find him?  The little yellow guy...

Even more subtle...

If you want to be a little less literal, plaids, leathers, horseshoes, or vintage trophies are a great way to pull this look into a room.  Or anything Hermes!

I don't know why I think this looks equestrian but I do!

I read this is Badgley Mishka's home, featured in Elle Decor

love the vintage tropies up high

a strategically placed pair of riding boots does the trick...

Love the vintage jockey hats, horn (don't know what that's called) and ribbons...

For more pics, check out Elements of Style, La Dolce Vita or Habitually Chic - they have all done a great job on Equestrian Chic posts as well!

Tonic Home has an amaaaazing selection of horse art

Grandin Road has a nice canvas piece as well.

Check back tomorrow for part two of equestrian chic - fashion edition!  :o)

~ the brunette

(images: I failed miserably to cite where my images came from, but almost all are from Elements of Style, La Dolce Vita, Habitually Chic, or Tonic Home)


  1. The vintage horn that is in the photo with the vintage jockey hats is called a round hunting horn. The hunting horn is often used in fox hunting to announce a hunter's position and to signal hunting dogs. The hunting horn is a type of bugle.

  2. Love the post. I also love the Derby pic of the blonde and brunette. Great picture ladies.

    I love the artwork in 11th pic down also of the horse from the above angle. A unique angle for a piece of artwork.

  3. Nice to see a young lady with passion and interests other than television. Horses are good for the soul! ---An old cowboy