Friday, October 15, 2010

freaky friday: creepy crafting

I am making a trip home this weekend and it seems my mom and I always end up doing some kind of craft when I go home.  A craft that benefits me - she never gets to keep them! 

The top of the agenda this weekend is completing (starting and completing) my Halloween costume, which will probably not leave a lot of time for other crafts, but I still love looking at ideas every year - especially dear Martha's!

This porch has so much going on - their black feather wreath on the orange door is simply lovely!
This look is so cute with random sized pumpkins scattered all around and simple white candles. 
I am dying for a black framed lantern because it seems like you can do so much with them - I love how they've anchored their candlesticks on the top of the pumpkin!
Overall this is the greatest porch I think I've ever seen.  I keep looking and finding more and more details that I just love.  This could easily be changed from Halloween to just Fall with a few simple "tweaks". 

Another cute wreath idea - candy!!  What goes better with Halloween than candy?!

Another cute touch for the front door?
Fake spiders!  Creepy!

If you have a path or sidewalk leading to your door, how cute are these pumpkin luminaries??  These just have holes or zigzags cut out of them!

I'm pretty sure everything on here was the genius idea of Martha Stewart, but I know for sure this one was.  This table looks like it's floating - it's actually lopsided on top of a black table with a cloth on it - you can see it if you look closely.

The "floating candy" is actually hanging from the ceiling.  Isn't that the most clever thing you've ever seen?!

I'm a big fan of garlands with text - a simple Happy Halloween on circles is really cute and classic. 
I love this table in general - an antique candelabra with drippy candles, old books, a crow and a bowl of candy - I have all these things!  :o)

As I mentioned the other week in this post, taping paper cut-out shapes inside a lamp creates spooky shadows!!  I love the picture of the old-school wedding too - wonder if that was intentional?

Speaking of old pictures - I would never do this to anyone I knew, but I think it would be super cute to find old photographs in the flea market and put googly eyes on them.  These make me giggle!

Flea market finds are so great for Halloween!  I think these old bottles are cute with their witches ingredients listed on them - I think they could've taken this a step further and been cuter, but I love the idea!

Old doll parts in green liquid are very creepy too.  Maybe too creepy for me!

If you're buying a pack of spiders for the front door, this little window scene is clever and easy!  I wish I could remember what they wrote on the window with - I want to say silver paint pens but I'm scared to say that incase they don't come off.  Surely you could scrape it with a razor blade though??

Another ridiculously easy idea that would look so festive on a kitchen counter is this black bean/white bean mix in a jar.  I also spot some candy corn in the background!

Candy dishes really are the way to go - if you can stay out of them!  I love these black and white M&Ms!

Well that's about all the ideas I have "brewing" today!
Hope everyone has a spooktacular weekend!

~ the brunette

(p.s. really apologize for my lack of knowledge on these image sources - I was just saving these ideas for my personal use and never in a million years thought I would be posting them on a blog!)  It's fairly safe to assume they are mostly Martha Stewart though!  :o)

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