Monday, October 18, 2010

porthole mirrors

These classic round mirrors pack a powerful punch.  I have no idea why I love the porthole mirror so much, but I do.  I think it's just a nice change that softens the room a little.

(I originally save this image b/c I love those extra large, comfy stools in front of the fireplace...they are so inviting)

This is such a simple look but still interesting!

Love the white mirror...actually, I just love this room!  Those super dark planked floor with the soft pink walls plus all the white and metallic accents are divine!

And while most hang these great round little beauties above their fireplace...

some hang them IN their fireplace! 
The mirror might look a little bizarre, but you have to admit the room is good!

Oh...and if you really want to dream...look at this fabulous black and gold version hanging over this super glamorous vanity...I'll take it, please!

~the blonde

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