Wednesday, October 13, 2010

diggin' on dutch

I am dying, DYING for a retractable hardtop convertible. 

This one to be exact:

The Volkswagen Eos - it is soooo sleek and I love that when it's raining or cold, I could have a hardtop car.
Or when the weather is nice, like on beautiful fall days such as today, I can put the top down!

What is the point of this??

It's that I like flexibility - especially with the constantly unpredictable Arkansas weather.

Which is why I love dutch doors!!

I adore the round-top doors the most!

To me these doors are so welcoming!!

And I adore the idea that I could have the top half of the door open and not worry about my bad dogs running out!  Look at that sweet baby just laying there being good!

It seems dutch doors are always associated with cottage-chic or shabby-chic styles...

but not always. 

For now I guess I'll just have to dream...

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful fall Wednesday!

~ the brunette

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