Monday, October 25, 2010

the long and short of it...

For the past few years, long hair has been dangling down the backs of fashionistas and celebs, but recently, these ladies have started chopping of their long locks!

 Olivia Palermo, one of the blonde and brunette's faves, took a few inches off her infamous mane.  This cut is definitely not that drastic, but it still created quite the buzz among fashion bloggers:)

I love her hair, but I really love those Dior sunglasses! 
I had to include this full body shot so you all could see her super cute outfit!

Keira Knightly surprised everyone when she popped up on the red carpet with a new little angled bob!

Of course, Nicole Richie is always on trend and took the sciccors out a few weeks ago too.  Now this is perfection...I'm seriously in love this messy bob!

Here's another shot of the same cut but styled straight. Isn't this precious? 
I loved her long waves and now I'm loving this too!

Scarlett Johansson came out last week with a similiar cut...

 but hers is way shorter in the back!  Again, I think the shorter cut looks great on her!

A very similar cut on some uber chic Parisian!

And now for the most drastic...Ms. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.  I know that lots of people think it's awful, but I like it...I really like it!

I will agree that the color is a little off, but I think she pulls this pixie cut off with perfection!

Here's a few other blonde, pixie bombshells if you still need a little inspiration...

I'm in love with this photoshoot...and her hair!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
~ the "I still have long hair" blonde


  1. I just cut off 3 inches from my hair and I'm loving it. Yea for shorter hair.

  2. I really do want to cut mine too, but I'm just scared! I visited your blog and saw your new cut - it looks great:)