Friday, October 29, 2010

freaky friday: halloween is here!!

Well, it's our laaast Freaky Friday and if you haven't decorated for Halloween this year, you've just about missed out, but I came across a slideshow on casasugar the other day and had to share their frightfully fantastic mantles!

I adore this monochromatic look!  I am determined to own a belljar by this time next year because I have seen way too many great ideas to pass up - love this creepy crawly spider!  Gauze and fake chains really add to this look!!!

Tree twigs go a long way in Halloween decor - we've seen this idea over and over.  What
I love about this living room is the white sheets over the furniture!!

You can never have enough pumpkins - I don't know if that tree picture is there all the time or part of the decor but I love it!
 I bought some tombstones like these at the dollar store - I love them all lined up on the mantle with the pumpkin ??snowmen?? in front...
 Old portraits are always great for Halloween - I love the whimsical look of putting a "hat" on the portrait - it almost makes it look "alive"  :o)

Antlers are also a little creepy...I know we have plenty of these laying around our house!

Pairing antique books with old portraits - you can't go wrong!
And of course candles are a must!!
These plain white candles wrapped in scrapbook paper look so cute! 
All of this is too cute for words and would be so easy to put together!

If Halloween decorating is not for you, do you dress up??

I dress up every year and can't wait to share what I was this year and all the great costumes from our annual party!  Here are a couple pics from previous years...

4 years ago: a golddigger

3 years ago: a peacock - terrible picture!!

2 years ago: a loofah

last year: a beehive

(I think) I'm improving over time - maybe??  I can't wait to share the pic from this year!  I'm actually going to two parties and have two different costumes - yay!!!

Hope everyone has the Happiest Halloween weekend!

~ the brunette             

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