Monday, October 11, 2010

in 1492...

In honor of Christopher Columbus Day, a blonde and a brunette will celebrate with these gorgeous images all focused on maps!

I love this image!  The colors, that map, those amazing pillows are all stunning!

Maps are not always the traditional blue/green combo. 

These large maps are stunning but a scaled down version can look just as nice!

I love how maps can work in almost any room and with almost any vibe.
This is probably my favorite look...
framed map + zebra rug = globe trotter

Another room that creates a globe trotter vibe...

Hanging a series of maps is also a great way to create drama but in a organic sort of way:) 

Palmona of La Dolce Vita hung this great series in her living room. 
Guess what...these aren't like rare vintage's just amazing wrapping paper!

Maps are great to use in kid rooms too... 

Like the room above, using maps as wall covering is also all the rage!

Urban Outfitters has this great map wall mural.  The colors are awesome and the price is great!

Another option to help bring this look to our own home...
Ballard Design has the great vintage inspired map canvases! 

Wow, the map image options are seriously out of control.  I has no idea how many map "things" were out all the cute diy ideas like this dresser...
Sorry,  I'll quit now becaude this post could continue until next Colubus Day:)
Hope everyone has a great day!
~the blonde

PS- Blogger is acting like a crazy person today, and I lost this post once already so I apologize if  it's a little weak:) Oh, and I'll site all these pics later when Blogger is behaving!

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  1. I love maps!!! we have a bunch of old ones that we hung in our old house. Our new house we decided to hang a little less. Keep it a little more minimalistic. So the maps have yet to hit the walls here. BUt I will love them!