Friday, October 1, 2010

Freaky Friday!!

True story - er - confession:

I didn't sleep in my own bedroom until I was 7.

I slept on a trundle we pulled out from under my sister's daybed
- every single night.

I very vaguely remember this, but my mom said one day I told her I was afraid of all the clowns in my room.  She put them away - and I started sleeping in my own room.  There may be more to the story (like maybe they didn't make NKOTB sheets with Donnie Wahlberg on the pillowcase in a full size) but that was 20 years ago so I don't know - maybe she'll comment. ;o)

Now never, in a million years, would I say I'm afraid of clowns.
I think those people are ridiculous - who is seriously afraid of clowns?!

But honestly - stuffed clowns and jesters FREAK. ME. OUT.

6 years ago, I lived with a lady over Christmas break while I was doing a second interior design internship.  She was (is) incredible, her house was incredible - I wish I had pictures of how cool it was decorated...


THIS - was on my bed:

...for about 30 minutes before I hid him under pillows in the bottom of a dresser drawer, never to be seen again until the day I moved out.
(sorry Cheryl if you read my blog - love you!)

I mean he's just a jester - but the guy scared me to death and I had nightmares about him crawling out of the dresser even when he was in there!

That being said - sometimes things that are unintentionally terrifying - ARE.

This, for instance, looks quite macabre...

Until you take in the big picture...

This, however, is probably a little unsettling no matter how far away you get...

Simple objects, given talons or claws, take on a whole new aesthetic...

Framed bats and bleeding candles...a little less subtle.

This x-ray lampshade is bone-chilling...
get it?  ;o)

I don't know what this guy is supposed to be but he's a little too "clownish" for my comfort...

And of course I can't leave out the skull trend...

I really want one of these knife magnets in my kitchen!
But my two good knifes would look pretty silly all by themselves...

My #1 favorite of all time, furniture designer obsession: Jimmie Martin
(yeah I know this one is a little cheesy)

But black birds in general are a little unsettling to have around...

Despite being a complete 'fraidy cat - I love Halloween so YAY for October!

We hope you all have a great start to this haunting month and a fantastic weekend!

~ the brunette

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  1. The Brunette's MomOctober 1, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    Little did I know at the time that I was causing my child such mental anguish! All over a few cute little clowns - none of them freaky like the one in this post! One of these clowns was a bank, and oddly enough, she never put any coins in it! I still have that little bank - in the top of her closet where she can't see it, of course ;-)