Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sugar and spice and everything nice

The Rachel Zoe pregnancy rumors are swirling! 
Obviously, she will have a daughter and that little cutie will be the most stylish tot ever:)

So in honor (and hopes) of RZ's baby news...here's a few super cute and stylish little ones that have to make you smile:)

Love these little twinkies!

Is there anything cuter than little girls with pig tails?!?

Um, maybe this...

Now these two are little style stars:)
(Don't they look like a mini version of Rachel and Rodger...seriously!)

I love this picture...no matter how many times I see this I always feel for that little girl:)

And here's another sweetie for us moms of little four legged babies...

The end!

~ the blonde and the brunette


  1. I like the pictures of the little girls with pig tails, little girl in tutu on black chair in bathroom at the sink, and the little girl in her swimsuit at the beach with her bike and dog. Awww...but the black puppy face is cute too.

  2. It's too hard to pick your favorite becuase they all make so say "awwww"! Thanks for commenting:)