Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fur frenzy

My obsession began when I stumbled across this stunner at Bakers.

It was love at first sight and I wanted to see more:) 
Mongolian lamb fur seems to be popping up everywhere, but most commonly in the form of bags and pillows!
This pricey J.Crew tote has been on backorder since it arrived online.
I think their mini version is super all the chains.

Foley + Corinna black Mongolian bag = drool worthy!
Love, love, love the black! 

Speaking of black....
I spot two Mongolian lamb pillows...and remember those plates from this post!

West Elm offers fur pillows in several colors and sizes...

and they have this adorable stocking with fur trim!!

These pillows are great for the cooler months because they add such a cozy and cuddly feel to your room!

I think this white is especially nice on this bed!

How fun is this fur covered poof?

Mongolian lamb fur definitely makes a statement and a positive one at that!
Personally, I'm in love...

~the blonde

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