Friday, October 22, 2010

freaky friday: let's have a party

Halloween parties are the best!  Your decoration options are endless, but it really doesn't take that much to create a super creepy atmosphere!

Candle light is obviously a key component to any spooky gathering!  Tapers are always a great option because they have a very old world feel:)  
Grab a few candle sticks from the dollar store to spray's cheap and completely customized!

How great are these blood dripped candles?!?  This is such an easy and inexpensive decoration...just drip red candle wax over a white candle and that's it! 
Instant atmosphere...

Unlike most dinner parties where an arrangement of fresh flowers sit as the centerpiece, Halloween requires a more deadly feel!  

This is so easy!  Seriously, just grab a few branches (with or without leaves), spray paint black and place in a vase.

  If you are using something swallow, like an urn, then just place a little styrofoam in the bottom to hold the branches in place.  To hide the styrofoam use moss, crumpled newspaper or faux spider webs.  

How awesome are the apothecary jars in the pic above?!?  No more candy in mine...I'm going to start filling them with creepy crawlies!

If you want a more of a Halloween glam vibe and less of a dead and dreary one then add a little sparkle!
All you need is silver spray paint!

Now that your table is set with candles and centerpieces it's time to give everything that creep-sleepy-hollow feel!  Cheesecloth is great for this because it drapes nicely and when combined with dim lighting it just looks super spooky (like in the second pic).

Adding a little Spanish moss also helps to create that haunted/abandoned house feel...

Don't forget the cobwebs!  A must for any Halloween function!

 Now that the house is's cocktail time!

Have a great weekend...see you on Monday!
~the blonde

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  1. Great party ideas!! I am going to use the drip candle idea!!