Thursday, June 24, 2010

...and L'amo St. Louis

In contrast to the blonde's relaxing Mexico vacation filled with naps, reading, more naps and eating, my trip to St. Louis was go-go-go!!  I feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! 

We got to the hotel - eh - make that casino - around 11 Tuesday night and immediately went to explore and bet a few hands at video poker...

(photo credit: my sister took this one out the car window) :o)

The next morning, we went shopping!  And when I say we went shopping, I mean until dinnertime, we were shopping non-stop!  Loved getting to shop at H&M and Macy's the most - stores we don't have in Arkansas.  Oh and Anthropologie too!

Confession: I bought stock in H&M back in 2005 when I read H&M has more square footage of store space than Gap in NYC - so I had to support it, right?!?!

That night, we went to this great Italian neighborhood called The Hill and ate delicious food!
I had no idea St. Louis had so much Italian influence - but boy does it!

Then to opening night of WICKED at the Fabulous Fox Theater!

They don't allow cameras inside, but this theater was the most over-the-top, ornate place I have ever seen.  And I've been in some really crazy places over in Spain - this tops them!  The blonde can attest - if it's dark and heavy and ornate and looks like it belongs in a palace - I.Love.It! 

We did sneak one photo because I think I'm destined for royalty...

Wicked was awesome - I had never seen it and really enjoyed the story!

The next day was another blurry full day of shopping, I love the architecture in St. Louis and couldn't help snapping several pictures of really.random.buildngs!

If anyone is interested in a quick history lesson - St. Louis is the birthplace of an architecture style called tripartite (pronounced "try-par-tee" meaning three part).  The most famous building is the Wainwright Building - built in 1890 - was the first skyscraper (at only 10 stories - really tall at the time though!)  I've been up close to the building on previous trips but only saw it from the car on this trip.

(photo via wikipedia)

Tripartite means the facade of the building is composed of three parts - the base, the shaft, and the attic.  I'm sure by looking, you can tell the three parts.  The photos I took above would also be considered tripartite buildings.  Okay enough of that! 

Last but not least - the Cardinals game!  Yay!

It was a great trip but I need some REST now before our big weekend coming up!  But we'll tell you all about that later!

~ the Brunette

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  1. Looks like a really fun trip! Oh, and I LOVE Wicked. It's actually the only show I've watched on Broadway (and I've seen it twice). :) The traveling show came to OKC a couple years ago and WE MISSED IT. That was disappointing. I'm glad you got to see it :)

    I haven't been back to St. Louis since I was a kid--you've inspired me to give it another try!! Thanks :)