Friday, June 4, 2010

SATC2 Weekend Review

I left the brunette's side to join these lovely ladies in Dallas for the SATC 2 premiere!*  The one on the far right lives in the area so the rest of us packed our bags and headed there for an all girls weekend!
(*this selfish act of abandonment may never be completely forgiven ~signed the Brunette)  ;o)

We stayed at a huge hotel complex thing that was a little odd because it had people walking around like this....

and things like this...yes, that's a caterpillar smoking a hookah! Obviously, the hotel had this whole Alice in Wonderland theme going on...

There were these massive sand sculptures and all other sorts of wacky things?!?

Okay, so now on to the movie! 

Yes, we are a little more dressed than most other patrons at the 4:00 show:)

The blonde's review

I loved SATC2! Yes, I've read all the criticism and awful reviews, but I absolutely loved and can't wait to watch it again and again!

 I thought it was fun (yes, there are definitely a few goofy scenes (i.e. karaoke) that felt a little out of character), witty (I agree they took the one liners a little too far, but they were funny), relatable (husband stuck in front of the tv, mom hiding from kids) and an escape (hello, fashion!).

I enjoyed almost every single minute of it...I thought the last souk scene was a bit much, but if we didn't have that scene then we wouldn't have had the hilarious episode with Samantha spilling her purse!

The girls and I went here after the movie and discussed all the reasons why we loved SATC2!

I thought that maybe the first time I just liked it so much because of all the hype, but that wasn't true becuase the brunette and I went again on Wednesday night, and the result was the same - I loved it! 

The brunette's review:

So sorry I have no pics to offer, I dressed in full cocktail attire, but between a wreck on the interstate and running out of gas in the most ridiculous small town on the way to Fayetteville, I barely made it to the movie during the previews. 

I also really enjoyed the movie, despite the harsh reviews.  I get it - the plot was very lacking, but any true fan can't ignore the fun, lavish fashion, and the funny one-liners.  Unrealistic?  Duh.  But that's kind of the point - what girl doesn't fantasize about being pampered on lavish (FREE) vacations wearing amazing designer clothes the entire time?!

Without spoiling anything for those who may not have seen the movie yet, our favorite parts:
1. Charlotte and Miranda's "mommy" cocktail hour
2. The Nanny - especially Charlotte's face during bathtime
3. The Danish architect.  Period.  Gorgeous.
4. "Bottom's Up - you're goin'"
5. Packing up and hitting the road!

Have a great weekend and if you haven't seen it, you're missing out!


  1. Dear blonde,
    WHERE did you get your dress it is stunning! I also enjoyed SATC2... I was hoping for a baby though. I liked the begining of the movie the most. The fashion was to die for!All in all good movie. (I did like the first one better because I felt it followed the show more.Also it made me sad that this might be the last of SATC... ahhh!)

  2. i love the dresses!! so glad to hear that you both liked the movie!!

  3. Thanks! I loved beginning of the movie too...the wedding was so comical and over the wsa perfect. The dress is BCBG. I didn't see it online:(

    Thanks you two for commenting!