Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a blonde, a brunette and a bride!
What a great weekend we had in Dallas!!

The weekend started by checking into this beautiful hotel on Friday evening - Hotel Zaza!

This hotel had the cutest details everywhere, but one of my favorite details was this little welcome area at the front door for 4-legged guests!

We checked into our beautiful room, dressed, and headed downstairs to the pool bar to relax a little before dinner.  This pool bar isn't what you think - there was a long row of the gorgeous Tuxedo Chandelier we have both lusted after for years! 

Friday night we had a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant: The Dragonfly!

Because most of us girls were from different cities, we had a great time the first night getting to know each other and celebrating the Bride (Brandy)...but kept it pretty low-key.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the pool...this was the cutest pool ever!

The blonde and the Bride...

The blonde and the brunette...

The blonde likes to keep her skin shaded from the sun...

While the brunette likes to soak up the rays...

Besides having the best french fries of our life - seriously - the pool attendants brought around chilled towels, popsicles and the Bacardi Girls brought free mojitos! 

It was really hard to leave the pool...but we had to get our room ready for the Lingerie Shower!!
And it was - SO.CUTE!

Our amazing, creative friend Laura made these super adorable "morning after" gifts for all the guests to take!  Water bottles with a pouch that said "chirp up" and included a packet of aspirin and a piece of cute is that?!?  They were perfect!

The bride's throne:)

The bar turned out really cute too and I have to point out that the shower was at 6:00. 
For once we got ready for a party EARLY - and all the other guests were LATE.  :o)

We were ready so early, in fact ... we decided to leave our own party and pose with the odd statues outside.  :o)

The girls did show up though...  :o)

A short lingerie shower, and out the door for dinner reservations at 8...

The bride started the evening like this...
(how adorable and beautiful is she?!?!)

So the friend that made the adorable water bottles had a family emergency the night before we left and could not attend the party...this is the blond and the bride pretending she was there...kind of an "insert Laura here" thing:)

blonde and brunette pic...

Group shot at the hotel waiting for our vehicle...the hotel provided vechicles and drivers free of awesome is that!

At dinner...

Then, we headed out to do a little dancing...well, a lot of dancing:)
Love this pic!

And this is how the bride ended the night...
(still just as adorable and beautiful!)

The trip was fabulous and the bride was happy so definitely a successful weekend!
Happy Humpday - we're almost recovered!
~the blonde and the brunette


  1. Free mojitos and chauffered vehicles? I'm almost afraid to ask how the Zaza boosts its bottom line! Sounds like a fabulous event!

  2. We actually got a great deal...and don't forget the chilled towels:)