Wednesday, June 23, 2010

te amo mexico

Mexico was wonderful...beyond wonder because we did absolutely nothing except lay under tiki umbrellas and eat and read! 

Yep, that's The Carrie Diaries laying there.  I thought it was a cute summer read that made me thankful to be out of high school:)  I also read Three Cups of Tea...amazing, inspiring and insightful...I loved it!  After those two, I read the second Sookie Stackhouse book and that was crazy! You True Blood people are a tad wacky - just kidding:)

So now to the eating...
The husband and me enjoying brunch on the golf course.

That night headed out to dinner at one of our favorite places that we found on our last trip.
Here's me...


And my husband and father-in-law trying to figure out where we are going...

We made it!  This place is in a small town outside of the city and they serve the best food...very casual, very Mexico.
(I know we look a little silly both wearing hats) 

The view from our table...

The next night we went to another fabulous restaurant perched high in the mountains that offered a spectacular view too...

These pictures do not do it justice.  The sunset was so beautiful from here.

The entire fam at dinner!

We had so much fun this night...
The restaurant was so beautiful. I wish my pictures of the interior would have turned out because it was amazing...damn, dim lighting:)

A few nights later we went to another favorites, La Palapa.  I love this place because the menu is amazing and you can sit on the beach...nothing is better than having your toes in the sand while enjoying yummy food!
And again, the interior is phenomenal, but with all the dim lighting the pictures wouldn't turn out:(

The view down the gorgeous!

And the sunset...

Love this pic of Nathan and his dad...

Our trip was wonderful.  I love traveling with my in laws and we all always have a great time!
~the blonde

PS - the brunette and I are headed out of town this weekend...more later, but we can't wait!


  1. That hat is great. I am going to start wearing more hats this summer. (That is my goal)

  2. What fabulous pics! I love that one of the hub & the FIL, too.

    Eating, lolling, and reading -- what could be better!