Wednesday, June 2, 2010

crawling into bed

Two years ago, my husband and I bought an adorable older home that we knew would take us several years to finish.  Now, with many other rooms complete, it's time to move on to our own bedroom.  Here are the before shots, and today it looks the exact same plus an unmade bed and a few pieces of random furniture!

View from bedroom's lovely, isn't it?!?

Pink paint, metallic wallpaper, mirrored closet doors - it's enough to make a girl a little crazy!  I can't believe I'm sharing these lovely pics with you all, and admitting that I've slept in here every night for two years!  But, I think I finally have a plan for the room and hope to start the transformation in the fall.

It's taken me forever to decide what to do in here because we are starting with nothing so the options are endless.  We do not have any furniture or bedding that we love so it's really a blank slate (meaning it's impossible for the over thinker to actually make a decision and stick with it.)

So here's what I've decided (I think)...

I'm starting with this painting.  We bought this on our honeymoon from a local artist and I think it belongs in our bedroom.
This will hang with a thick white mat in a huge gold frame on neutral (creamy white) walls.  
Then, I found this fabric...

and debated long and hard if I should do an upholstered headboard with it or use it as an accent.  I decided accent because I already own a black metal frame headboard that I think will look great in the room once it has a few coats of gold frame, gold it's free.

Next, bedding...I am a fan of white bedding and think it's a must, but I also wanted something a little interesting!  I'm thinking one of these...

This first one only comes in a few colors and this green is the only one I would consider, but I'm scared it's a little too much?!?

This second one comes in the same green plus an ink blue and a light blue...more choices!!!

The light blue is a little enticing to me because it reminds me of this room (you might remember it from this post)...I like the unexpectedness of it! 

Speaking of this room, I love that chair and I happen to have this $12 beauty that I think would look lovely with a little white paint (b/c of the white bedding) and blue seat, the fabric store where I found the stripe had two gorgeous blue fabrics hanging right beside it!

(this pic was taken in my attic so the lighting is horrible)
But did you notice that these plans don't include my beloved striped fabric?!?  I have no idea where or how to use it, but I thought I might could just make a large throw pillow for the bed to pull everything together...maybe pipe the pillow in the same blue I use for the chair?!? 

I like how these graphic accent pillows pull everything together on this white beds.

There's obviously 100 other things to, nightstands, lamps, more art, window treatments, etc., but I think I truly might start moving in this direction.  I know the brunette is shaking her head as she reads this because she knows I will definitely change my mind many more times before fully committing:)

I would love to hear your comments/suggestions!
~the blonde


  1. I LOVE IT ALL!! And I want to see pictures of the rest of the house. I just loved your duplex you used to live in so I'm really anxious to see what your new/old house looks like.

    I saw Laura yesterday at Hobby Lobby. She said she was going to see you this weekend so I told her to give you a hug for me!!

  2. thanks morgan! I definitely need to post some before and after shots of the house...i will soon! laura told me she ran into you and that you looked adorable with your little bump:)

  3. I love white bedding ... but I agree... it needs some pop of color. I am really likeing the green! We are moving the end of the month and I am excited to decorate!!!! :) make sure to post after photos.