Thursday, June 17, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Or preferably, after it's OVER!

With temps skyrocketing into the mid- to upper-90s in Arkansas the past couple weeks (not even getting started on the humidity), I've been logging more treadmill time at the gym in an effort to beat the heat.  This means, I (unfortunately) get a 60-minute glimpse into the world of boys - ESPN - all over the televisions in front of the machines.  There is no escape, no matter how hard I run!  ;o)

And what are guys talking about?  Besides the World Cup which started last Friday, all the buzz is Stephen Strasburg. 

This rookie player played his first game last Wednesday night and struck out 14 people (apparently that's a lot), can throw a fastball over 100 mph (again, apparently really fast), and his rookie card - before his first game even - fetches a higher price than Babe Ruth's rookie card.  Now you've got my attention! 

But we have two topics we said we would never discuss on our blog: politics and sports.  We've treaded on both this week, but all we really care about when it comes to sports is

1. Where is the hot dog stand?
2. What to wear to beat the heat and look cute to go out after?!

The blonde put together a cute shorts outfit...
(I think - I didn't get a chance to ask if that's what this was for before she left for Mexico!)

And I put together an outfit with a casual dress...
(I wear heels all the time and am comfortable, but this outfit would look really cute and trendy with oxfords too!)

Why am I bringing this up??  Because I'm going to a Cardinals game tonight in St. Louis - woohoo! (I think)

~ the Brunette

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  1. You should link where you found all this stuff for the cute outfit becuase I love them both!