Monday, June 14, 2010

opposites attract

I love so many different styles that I'm always faced with such a challenge when it comes to decorating my own home.  With fashion it's so easy to change it up depending on your mood, but with decorating...not so much!

You can go from polished glam to...

boho beauty with nothing more than a change of clothes and letting your hair down!

But it's not that easy to change your home based on your daily vibe!
Case in day I want this...polished and glam

And the next day I want a little boho beauty...

Some days I know 100% that I want color...then I'm left with formal and colorful or...

or casual and colorful?!?

Regal and fussy...

or shabby and clean?!?

Too many decisions!!!!!  Is this a challenge for everyone or is it just my personality...too scared to commit to a look because what if I change my mind?!?  

With all this being said, it brings me to this gorgeous room that the brunette and I can't quit drooling over...


Now, remember last week when I posted about my bedroom inspiration...well, you guessed it...I'm changing my mind, again, and it's all because of this freakin' peacock duvet?!?! 
No, not really!
I had already decided (yes, like that day after I made the decision to go with white/blue/green) that while I love white bedding it just wasn't practical in our bedroom.

Then, this morning Elements of Style posted this about the above room and found a very similar duvet from Dwell.

I went straight to their website and then noticed this beauty!  I love it!  It's still neutral but the peacocks give it a little funk, right? 

So there you have new bedroom inspiration...for this week;) 
 Don't you all feel sorry for the brunette because she has to deal with this constantly.  I'm always calling/emailing her with a different idea, and she always follows up with the dreaded words, "I thought you has already decided to do ______ in that room."  To which I then have to somehow find an explanation for  my erratic decision making:)

Thank goodness opposites attract!

~the blonde


  1. OK I love this post... becuase it is so me. BUt two... where did you get that amazing pic of the boho girl? do you know who made her dress. I just love it!!!

  2. Laurel,
    It's Sienna Miller at Glastonbury but I have no idea who made the dress. Malina might know when she gets back from Me-hee-co!