Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bravo! for: Work of Art

Did anyone catch the premiere of the new Bravo show "Work of Art" last week?  If you missed, it, episode 2 comes on tonight - allow me to catch you up. 

This show is produced by none other than SJP.  If you've seen Project Runway, you know how this works - the exact same.  The artists live together in a loft, have all the art supplies they can get their hands on, and every week they are given a new assignment with a time limit.  Episode 1 Assignment: Portrait of the Artist you are paired with in 10 hours.

The top 3:

This piece was so huge and colorful and the person really looks like he is stretching his neck.  I thought it was really cool!

This was a photo that was photoshopped to look insane - the transformation was really cool.  I loved this piece!

The winner of the week.
This screenprint weirded me out - he intended for her to look dead - and she does.  Success I guess?

The bottom 3:

This portrait was by the "amateur" artist - I thought it was pretty good for someone with no professional training, but the judges hated that it was on a paint thing (no idea what they're called) mounted on an easel - and thought it just looked like a painting of a clown and not the subject.

This portrait was supposed to be a map of the artist as he was running all over the studio working on his (coincidentally he was the winner).

The portrait that got the artist voted off.  The judges said it looked like "really nice wallpaper".  Ouch!

Overall I really enjoyed the show and that's sayin' something because I usually fast forward shows like this to see the end result (the design process is tedious to watch for me)!!

Not to brag but I won't get to watch tonight because I'm going to opening night of WICKED!!! 
 (but I've definitely got the DVR set for when I get back home!)

Happy Hump Day!

~ the Brunette

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