Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bipolar: moody grays

We love, Love, LOVE comments and feedback from you all! 

A couple weeks ago, after this post, Laurel from Beyond Function (our very first follower - woohoo!), left this comment:

"You should do a totally gray and white post... I loved the "fall moody day post" a few days ago and I really want to design a room like that.  :)"

Because we love suggestions, we decided to accomodate! 

The fun thing about gray and white is it can be a moody scheme, or it can be really refreshing and "happy"!

This room...seriously moody...

(image: decorista)

This living room...seriously "happy"...

(image: cococozy)

And moody...

(image: unknown)

And happy again...

(image: decorista)

A little moody...

(image: unknown)

A little "happy"...

(image: cococozy)

Sometimes it's harder to distinguish.
I love the texture of the paint on this wall.

(image: lifeinaventicup)

This room comes across as a "moodier" room to me...but who could ever be moody wrapped in that lovely throw!
(image: unknown)

Definitely moody...

(image: bits of beauty)

I used to have a chair like this - they are so fun to sit in, rock, flip upside down...
This room is definitely a "happy room"!
(image: lanalou)

I love the wood floors in this room.
It's still moody to me...
(image: myfavoriteandmybest)

Loving the sheepskin throw on this sofa...

(image: so mee...)

This kitchen is "moody" to me, but I'm pretty sure this is Martha Stewart's kitchen which most certainly has to be the happiest place on EARTH!!
(image: unknown)

(image: cococozy)

This closet is a little "cold" to me - but I love the bright punch of color with that haphazard hanging t-shirt.  :o)

(image: cococozy)
This striped wall from Lonny is so fabulous.
(not to mention the riding boots)  ;o)

(image: Lonny)

(image: cococozy)

I love how they've added a few "natural" elements to this room - the throw and the rug - really helps to warm it up!

(image: decorista)

To me, if you're not careful the gray/white combo can come across a little cold.
The flowers are essential in this room.
(image: cococozy)

A nice, thick comforter can warm you right back up though!

(image: bright bazaar)

What do you think about gray and white?
Moody, happy, boring, clean?

Here's hoping for a very "happy" Tuesday!

~ the brunette

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  1. wooot woot! If this was facebook I would push 'like'!! We were actually just talking about this last night!!! I love the images you found. The starbucks by my house just painted their walls grey and it looks so sterile. I know there is a better way to do it and these pics proved it! Ill take pics when we take the plunge!