Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my 30th bday trip (part 1)

Wow, what  a birthday weekend!  After arriving at the airport at 6am on Saturday morning, my sweet husband finally told me we were headed to Portland, OR to celebrate my 30th! 

I am a huge planner (control freak) and it was totally driving me crazy that I didn't know more about the city, but shortly after arriving you quickly realize that Portland is very focused on sustainability and pure living.  Wikipedia reports that Portland is the most environmentally friendly city in the US and the second most in the world!

When we arrived it was the typical Pacific Northwestern weather that one would expect...drizzle and grey, but it was still so beautiful

Our hotel wasn't ready so we grabbed a little lunch here...

and then continued to the Portland weekend market! During the walk we got a little wet, but so was everyone else...the locals are so acclimated to the weather that umbrellas aren't very common!  Here I am with soaked, ratty hair but I didn't mind one bit:)

The market was tons of fun...very local and full of dreadlocks, patchouli and wonderful smelling street food!

After a long morning of travel and soaked feet we went to check-in and relax a little before dinner.  The hotel was amazing...I loved every little detail!  My husband did a great job finding this place...it was perfection!

The foyer of the lobby...right when you step off the elevator...yes, the lobby was on the 8th floor?!?
(I borrowed these two pics off The Nines website b/c my camera does not do it justice)

If you look closely in the above pic you can see a case hanging on the far left wall...
Here's a close-up...they were precious little dress sculptures...so cute!  As soon as I saw these I knew we were at the right place:)

Here's another...
(yes, I know I'm a horrible photographer)

The lobby also had cute shoes...

and these funky "necklaces" hanging around.

Then we made it to the room!!!!

I so wanted to pack this awesome turquoise chaise/sofa in my bag...and the stripe carpet...it was so pretty!

My favorite little corner!

The gorgeous bed...love that white leather headboard against the amazing wallpaper!
I should have turned the lamps on before I snapped this pic b/c everything looks so dark and it was actually very soft and pretty!

Here's a shot when you first walk in the room so you can see the set up a little better.  I loved this little turquoise entrance area!

Little bar area across from the mirror...

and the too cute bathroom...loved the sconces and stool!

After my immediate awe with the room started to subside we laid down to rest for a minute when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door and this was delivered!!!!

What a sweet surprise from great friends!
It was perfect and I was happy!

We are only about 4 hours into the trip and this post is getting a little long:)  I will give you all a little break and continue tomorrow!  Obviously, you can tell I had a wonderful birthday and my husband really out did himself! 

~the blonde


  1. I would definitely say he out did himself! What a perfect, perfect hotel! Can't wait for Part 2!

  2. Didn't he do great?!? It was so fun! I know you all had a fun too at the K wedding...hated to miss it, but I'm way too selfish to not be the center of attention on my own bday:)