Thursday, September 23, 2010

gaga for juju

Several years ago, I first laid eyes on a Cameroonian Juju Hat in the pages of Domino.
According to - Juju hats are worn by chiefs, dignitaries, and important dancers during celebrations.  The feathers are utilized as rare objects of beauty and symbolize prosperity.

(image: elementsofstyleblog)

I promptly tore the page out and resolved to find one!

5-ish years later - still no hat!  :o(
(they're not hard to find - just incredibly expensive in the U.S.)

(image: apartment 412)

The hats I've seen are almost always red...

(image: elementsofstyleblog - i think)

which is just fine with me...

(image: apartment 412)

because I love the bold pop of color!

(image: apartment 412)

(image: the city sage)

(image: morewaystowastetime)

But I've also seen "versions" in brown...

(image: desire to inspire)


(image: thisisglamorous)

(image: moodboard)

Pink...(there is also a really pretty lavender color)...

(image: living etc.)

and (my very favorite) - YELLOW!!

(image: decorista)

Of course I'm a fan of "hats on the wall" - regardless of color!!

If anyone ever goes to Africa - please, oh please bring one back for me!!

~ the brunette


  1. I've seen these in countless magazines and never had any idea what it was! A hat! I had no idea! LOL! They are fantastic and truly add an amazing pop of color! Great post & I loved your B-day post! Hope all is good and well at B&B!

  2. oh how fabulous! I love that. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog btw!

  3. I saw this on a design show too! Wonder how I can get my hands on one..