Monday, September 27, 2010

Hog Wild Weekend

Oh we went into this weekend with such high hopes!

Arkansas (ranked #10) played Alabama (ranked #1) and we were hoping for a Cinderella Story!

We came so close!

Although it didn't happen the way we hoped, I think everyone had a pretty good time - at least leading up to the game!

For starters, the drive up (early Saturday morning) was beauuuuutiful!  I wish I had pictures of the gorgeous mountains I drove through on the way up but that would be really dangerous and I didn't have time to stop!

I always tailgate with my best friend since baby-dom - Emily, and her husband John.  Her family had made the trip up as well!  This is me with Emily (left) and her sister Sarah (right). 
:o)  Cheese!  :o)

After hanging around the tailgate and snacking a little bit, we wandered around - this was my favorite tailgate by far!!

This old school bus had been converted into a party bus, with a full kitchen on the back!

And it comes complete with a band!  They were pretty good too!

There's no way to really capture what tailgating in Arkansas is like, but basically there are tents as far as you can see in every direction...

And no party is complete without the Goodyear blimp!!
All day we made up stories about what could be going on inside the blimp - this guy literally circled all day long.  How fun would it be to tailgate in the blimp??

This sight is not too uncommon at a tailgate either...

teehee!  :o)

I didn't get any pictures inside the stadium because this is how I roll...

I am not a football fan, but I love the atmosphere so I'm so happy to hang out at the tailgate and watch it on tv, hear the sounds from the stadium, relax in my chair, snack a little was a great day!!

I had a blast this weekend - thank you John and Emily for letting me stay with you!

And to top the weekend off -

Little Rock's Anthropologie store unveiled their exterior this weekend!!
Our store is so close!  All it needs is CLOTHES!  Can't wait!!

I hope everyone had a FANtastic weekend too!

~ the brunette


  1. I am lovin' that party bus!!

    The score of the game? Eh. Not so much.

  2. that bus is amazing... do you girls know tara from
    you gals are from the same state w/ the same love of fashion and football. You all should meet up!I know she meets with Bloggy friends sometimes too!