Friday, September 24, 2010

a converse conversation

The brunette and I are both headed to another Razorback football game this weekend in Fayetteville which mean tons of walking.  For a few months (years) I've been considering purchasing a pair of Converse tennis shoes, but I always feel like I could not pull this look off - isn't that odd?!? 

I seriously never say "love that, but I could never wear it" or "it's really cute, but I couldn't pull it off."  Seriously, never - except in this case?!?

I know it's silly but I'm not a flat shoe person.  I only wear tennis shoes to work out so I just can't imagine walking around in these?!?

I would definitely opt for black.
Love how this outfit is styled...

Most people (ahem, celebs and models) wear them with skinny jeans, but it seems like it would make your feet look huge!

I'm just not sure...I think I might go try on a pair tonight?!? 
They really would be nice for the weekend.

If you are struggling with the same dilemma and need a little inspiration then visit this site...yes, there's actually a blog devoted to celebs wearing Converses.


And for a little real life inspiration...
This is Amber from Amber's Notebook.  I recently discovered her blog and it's a great read!

I hope everyone has a great weekend in whatever shoes you wear:)
~the blonde


  1. I'm packing my converse to wear tomorrow!! Though I'm not wearing (super) skinny jeans.

  2. I have been a Chuck-lover for years! But only recently started trying them out with skinnies. And it can work! I think the hard part is finding the right skinny, haha! Also, I wear an 8 or 8.5 shoe so sometimes I do feel like my feet look like boats in them, I just wish they had a little thicker sole. You'll just have to play around with them and figure out what works for you :)