Monday, September 13, 2010

two girls, two styles

Our very first post featured a pic of Blair and Serena, a blonde and a brunette with opposing styles. 
These two tv sensations did a great job illustrating our blog's theme...two girls, two styles, one blog. 

And tonight we get to watch them run around Paris in amazing clothes and cause all sorts of delicious tv drama!

Everyone knows that Blair and Serena's styles are completely different and equally fabulous!
(I have no idea how you could ever look this upset while holding a chanel shopping bag?!?)

We too have different styles, and in honor of the return of Gossip Girl we thought we would show you different looks they are inspiring us for know, Blair and Serena style:)

The blonde is loving...
I'm think my look stays pretty steady during the year, but the one thing I love about fall is transitioning your summer clothes into fall staples.  I'm a sucker for boot and shorts...

I think this season everyone should be covered in fur or leather or both!
(faux, of course)

Layers upon layers is my #1 fall/winter well as super tight skinnnies
(I refue to use the word jeggings)

I'm also an avid believer in simple, cozy, too-short sweater dresses with great accessories...must belt everything this fall!

Volume is also my newest trend this skirt!
I also love great leg wear, but belive that nothing is better than a blacker than black opaque tight!

The brunette is loving...

My style definition is basics, with fun jewelry and shoes. 
A typical outfit for me in the fall would basically be skinny jeans, a long tank or tee, and a cardigan.
I love cardigans - I'm the modern day Mr. (Ms.) Rogers.

This is complete perfection to me.  I love the skinny jeans, long tank and cardigan - seriously.  It's me.
But she's tucked the jeans into mid-calf boots (which I've never done and can't wait to try), a great hat and bag - and those red lips!

This outfit almost looks more like the blonde than me, but I love huge drapey sweaters!
And again - skinny jeans/tights with super tall heels or boots!

I love a great jacket, I love rolled jeans, and super tall pumps...
And scarves galore!

Once again - basics.  Skinny jeans, tee, jacket, boots.
My taste is pretty predictable...

I also like (faux) fur or vintage fur b/c it doesn't count.
I don't wear hats but I like them on other people - I need to try more hats this fall/winter!
But basically, skinny jeans, boots, vest.

To me, jewelry or shoes make or break your outfit.  I always start "outfit planning" with the shoes or the jewelry I want to wear and go from there.  I never start with the clothes.
I know that's so backwards.

How do you define YOUR personal style??

Happy Gossip Girl Monday!

~the blonde and the brunette

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  1. LOVE the too short sweater dress! and belt... I would live in that if I could.
    I bought a great pair of brown boots this weekend! Bring on fall!