Thursday, September 2, 2010

{equine & so fine} - fashion edition

Thanks for coming back for part two of "equestrian chic" - we're looking at the trend in fashion today!

The first I remember seeing this trend appear was in Christian Dior's Spring 2010 Couture show.  Remember these looks?

As we all know, couture fashion inspires ready-to-wear fashion - for those of us who can't afford couture.  :o)

But if you're like me at all, I can't afford ready-to-wear fashion either, so what I'm most interested in, is when it trickles down to us in the mainstream. 

I love this JCrew look...

And I love finding inspiration on Polyvore...

Righ now I am LOVING the beautiful styling in Anthropologie's September catalog...

a few items on my anthropologie wishlist right now...

Really hard to see but the white print on this dress is andalusian horses - this would be amazing to have for Derby Day!!

I have some "cognac" colored Frye riding boots I purchased a couple years ago, but really want to add a black pair this year.  I'm thinking maybe these...

But I'm hopelessly attracted to the brown ones...

This look is so much fun, I had to create my own Polyvore - I would wear the look this way:
click any of the polyvore sets on this page to view the "shopping lists"

I'm a huge fan and will definitely be sporting the look this fall.
What do you think of the trend?  Like?  Too preppy?

~ the brunette


  1. Um LOVE! For those of us who are on an even tighter budget, Old Navy has some great little riding pants. I don't know if thats what they're intended to be but they have the seaming of riding pants and they are super fitted but thicker than leggings. They are so cute! I saw them on my way out the door the other day & tried to find them online but didn't see them or I would've posted a link. Anyway I plan to rock the equestrian look this season too, just on a smaller budget :)
    Sorry for such a long comment & I love your Polyvore set. Polyvore is soooo addicting!

  2. Oh my goodness NEVER apologize for a long comment - all comments make our day!! Thanks so much! I will be sure to check out Old Navy this weekend! The anthropologie johdpurs are $55 I think so they're FAIRLY reasonable, but if Old Navy has them for less I will definitely go for those! The Anthropologies have like a leather patch at the knees and the beige ones are cool because the patch is tan. Maybe I can get basic black at old navy and the "unique" ones at anthro!! :o)

  3. That first polyvore ensemble you feature is fabulous. Loving the chic chiffon and blazer against the cream jeans and rough riding boots- makes for a dressier sort of equestrian trend that I'm on board for!