Tuesday, September 28, 2010

vested interest

A few months ago I kept seeing really cute denim vests, but it was 100+ degrees and thoughts of layering did not exist:)  I fell in love with this True Religion one until I realizes it was $185...so cute in person, but a little too pricey for me! 

Then, I started noticing all these great pics of layered denim looks and realized how perfect a denim vest would be for the fall! 

There's no way you can wear a denim jacket under another fitted jacket without being miserable so here's the perfect solution!  Seriously, how cute...we love layers!

Okay, so here's an exception to the rule...
I know this really picture doesn't fit with the whole vest post, but I still wanted to show how cute she looks even though it's obviously a jacket...

I think the vest is such a perfect way to add a little dimension to your outfit!

I really didn't want to publish this post until I could offer you all a few great denim vest options, and unfortunately, I can't:( 

I just haven't seen any cute options lately.
Have any of you seen a cute denim vest or have any suggestions on where to look?!?  Let me know if you find one for a great price:)
~the blonde

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