Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take a {sexy} Seat

I love this man.*

(image: unkown - google images)

*'s work.  :o)

This Dane was one of the most influential designers in the 20th century - hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark.


Verner Panton

Not to be confused with "pantone," the world's authority on color:

(image: unknown - google images)

Panton's creations were very '60s...
sensual shapes, usually created out of molded plastic.

His most famous interior...

(image: unkown - google images)

from - you guessed it - the 70's...

(image: unknown - google images)

Can you imagine "party pics" that are probably hanging out in old photo albums??

(image: unknown - google images)

I love that you can just HANG OUT on/in/with his furntiure designs.
My very personal favorite is this...

(image: unknown - google images)

It is my life goal to own/build this piece. 
I have a template sketched and ready to go.  Now I need a Kick-A upholsterer!  :o)

Other designs you may be more familiar with are the
Cone Chair

(image: unknown - google images)

the Heart Chair

(image: unkown - google images)

And most definitely...

the S Chair

(image: unkown - google images)

I have no idea what "S" stands for - but to me it stands for "sexy" - this curvaceous chair does not look like it should be standing up - like you would fall right out of it - but it's perfectly balanced!

This little beauty comes in any color imaginable and has really gained a lot of mainstream popularity..

Classic white looks so chic at the rugged wood dining table

(image: cococozy)

(image: unknown)

(image: desiretoinspire)

White chairs at the dining table...this seems to be its own trend perhaps??

(image: styleredux)

They also come in "baby" sizes - too too cute!

(image: unknown)

Where there are white chairs...there are also black chairs

(image: livingetc)

Yes, you can even get them in a matte finish (above) or laquered finish (below)!

(image: bright bazaar)

But my favorites are the colored ones!

(image: apartment therapy)

This greenish yellow color is really cool - love the contrast w/ the sofa and rug!

(image: calliegrayson)

I love this super bright yellow in the black/white bedroom!

(image: carriecan)

This is by far my favorite.  This super bright yellow against nature - I could sit here for hours!

(image: houzz)

The turquoise are beautiful.  So rich - I love "pops" of color like this!

(image: apartment therapy)

Who wouldn't enjoy paying bills with a gorgeous hot pink chair like this at your desk?!

(image: creative influences)

These chairs are on.another.level.  Literally - a church?!

(image: unknown)

I love seeing how people take a VERY 1960s plastic chair -
and mix it with their modern, antique, rustic...

This chair can literally "go" with anything!!

I hope everyone has a GREAT Thursday!
It's aaaaalmost Friday!

~ the brunette

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