Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the art of books

I love reading and with that, I love books!
(image via: this is glamorous)
I have a steadily growing collection, and after seeing this bookcase, was inspired to organize my books by color:

(I know we've used this image one thousand times - we both LOVE it!  Too bad we have no idea where it came from!)

It seems I'm not the only one attracted to the rainbow organization...

(image: musings)

(image: frommetoyou)

(image: lonny)

Others found beauty in the pages themselves...

While others decided to frame their masterpieces...

(image: design sponge)

(image: arianna belle)

(image source unknown: offices of Chandelier Creative)

I think this books-as-a-sidetable is cute in theory...but potentially unstable!  I'm sure it helps they are all about the same size...

(image: unknown)

This haphazard stacking looks a little like someone just moved in - but beautiful at the same time??
(image via: this is glamorous)

It is such a rainy, yucky, cold day here - I would love to just lay around and look through lovely books all day long!

(image via:

Ahh well...Happy Humpday everyone!

~ the brunette

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  1. Great pictures. This post certainly gives me an idea how to organize my books. I'm an avid reader myself. I'm a fan of Victoria Holt, Sidney Sheldon, and Isabel Allende, but I read just any book that comes my way. I tried the haphazard stacking back in the day, unfortunately we have three babies (doggies) in the house so it doesn't work for me. I might try the rainbow organization! Thanks for the idea.