Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sailing Solo?

You may have noticed our tag line "two girls, two styles, one blog"?

We are both great friends and have never gotten into a fight - but we frequently "disagree" on things.

One of those things is this chandelier:

I have loved this chandelier from ZGallerie for literally YEARS.  Years.

This chandelier is 38" in height and 25" long - so is definitely too massive for my 1,370 sf house.
But it is an item I.Will.Own. someday...

Hans Van Bentem definitely makes the most beautiful one I've seen (below), but it is a custom piece, so I think I can settle for the ZGallerie (now on sale for $599)...

(image via: canadian house and home)

Not that I really care what anyone else thinks of this because I love it so much, but I can honestly say it comforts me to find images of beautiful rooms where other people have seen the gorgeousness of this piece...  :o)
(image: unknown)

A slightly different style is a great space-filler and adds light over this seating area...
(image: unknown)

Another slightly different the light in this neutral room...
(image via: beachyinthecity)

This light works in traditional, formal dining rooms...
(image: unknown)

or contemporary, casual living rooms...
(image via: beachyinthecity)

(image via: flickr)

This light is such a great focal point - just as much as a beautiful piece of artwork...
(image via: unknown)

(image via: Velvet & Linen)

What do you think? 
Can you see the beauty in my beloved chandelier or am I "sailing solo" on this one??

~ the brunette

P.S. I apologize for so many "unknown" image sources - I was mostly saving these photos to prove a point, not for a future blog post.  ;o)  I would assume they are mostly Elle Decor.


  1. It is a stunning piece, no doubt, and someday maybe your ship will come in - I know, it's a bad joke, but I couldn't resist!

  2. Do you know of any where i can get this!