Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{fashion crush}: gillian zinser

Remember when I posted this a few weeks ago...
At that time, I had no idea who this girl was.  I kind of assumed she was just some random cute girl  wearing an awesome outfit?!? 

Then a few days ago, I see this on The Vogue Diaries.  First, I freaked over the outfit (I even my made my husband look how cute she looked) and then I realized it was the same Gillian girl.

I instantly googled her name and learned that she's a character on 90210 and started looking at more pics of her.  I came across this and remembered that I had saved it months ago b/c I loved the maxi dress with the leather jacket!  Crazy!

Then it happened again...I also had this pic of her saved.  I never realized that these were all the same girl?!?

Okay, so I didn't save this one, but it's still so cute! 

I know she's got a ton of that boho-Sienna Miller-Nicole Richie thing, and I'm sure that's why I'm quickly developing a slight obsession...

I just think she's too awesome at the moment and can't wait to see more of her daring fashion choices!
~the blonde


  1. Blondes think alike! I love her style! Just wish I could rock shortie boots like she does.

  2. Great Girl crush!!! I love her in the bf jeans.

  3. Isn't she great!?! I can't wait to see what she wears next!!