Tuesday, November 30, 2010

silver lining...part two

Remember this post from a few months ago?  It featured this stunning bedroom (that I still like to look at at least once a week) and a few other silver themed rooms....

I've collected a few more inspiring silvery images since then...

Metallics are so glam!  I'm in love with this tufted chair and silver table! 

Another "love at first sight" room!  Could you imagine what this place would look like at night...swoon!

I know this chair isn't silver but it still has a little sheen and when paired with that mirrored dresser...I think yes! 

Obviously I have a thing for a shiny metallic, so imagine my extreme joy when I stumbled across this dramatic, little beauty...
(I found this chair at Chiasso after Elements of Style did a review on their catalog)
That chair = true love:)
Chiasso offers tons of cute metallic accessories too! 
I think this pillow would make a perfect gift...it's only $38!

Silver is so huge right now and there are tons of options.  How great is this pouf from Furbish?!?

And another awesome silver pillow from West Elm!  This would look so pretty on a white bed...perfect touch of glam:)

I love all these accessories, but the chair really has my heart:)
Are you adding a touch of silver to your Christmas wish list?
~the blonde

** For whatever reason I did not save the sources of these photos...sorry!  If you know who they belong to then let me know and I will gladly add them!**


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  1. i'm a sucker for all things shiny! metallics and sequins are my love. great post!