Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gossip Girl: It's NOT just about Fashion (but it mostly is)...

It's no secret: We Love Gossip Girl!

As we mentioned Monday, Blair and Serena are by far our favorite blonde and brunette duo - to the point we copied their looks for Halloween!  And by far the best part of the show is the fashion.

(image via: unknown)

(image via: unknown - but you can find these shows on

We adore the crazy up-and-down relationship of these two best friends...

(image: unknown)

And will forever hold out hopefully that Chuck and Blair will end up together...

(image: unknown)

But another great aspect to the show that is usually overshadowed by the incredible fashion and great drama, is the great style of the sets!

For the artist type...the Humphrey's loft...
(I adore the chesterfield sofa and brick walls!)

(image: unknown)

For the modernists (or just bachelors even)...Chuck's penthouse...
(this has a little bit of a retro look to me at the same time - I think it's the sofa...)

I've always wondered who the chick is in that painting - looks a little like Rachel Zoe...haha

The Van der Woodsen Penthouse...for the modern/eclectic type...
(combining upper east side Lily with brooklyn Rufus)

and of course the signature art piece of their foyer...
(image: unknown)

For the ultimate in luxury, there is Blair's room...

(image: unknown)

For the boho girl, Serena's...

which she doesn't live in, now that she's roommates with Blair, so here is her newly designed room (compliments of Blair)

(image: casasugar)

For more great Gossip Girl interiors, click here!!

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  1. You're right...the sets are gorgeous. And now I'm wondering who the Zoe-like woman in the photo is too. :) Have a beautiful weekend!
    XO Piper