Monday, November 29, 2010

brain freeze

What a great holiday break!  I ate plenty, spent quality time with my family, decorated for Christmas, attended a wedding, shopped, went to an awesome football game and hung out with was eventful and I'm exhausted!

So since my own brain is completely frozen today, I'm going to share with you a few people who always get it right and keep me entertained on days like today:)

Because they throw birthday parties like this...

This is also great NYE inspiration!

This blog is full of amazing street style photos! 
She also posts magazine spreads and red carpets but it's her street style photos that made me fall in love!

For red carpet looks this is the blog!  

 Lous, Boos and Shoes
This blog is devoted to beautiful images and I look forward to every post!

See what I mean...beautiful!

This is a fairly new discovery of was love at first look! 
Her images are a little more rustic but still full of glam!

We both read so many blogs and love finding new ones so leave a comment if you have any great suggestions!  Also, check out the "blogs we love" column for more of our favorites!
~the blonde

PS - All the blog titles mentioned are links straight to that blog...enjoy! 

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