Thursday, November 11, 2010

Junk in the Trunk

I have this antique trunk that was my grandfather's in my living room...
(forgot to take a pic - will upload tomorrow, come back!)

I think an antique trunk is an awesome idea for a coffee table
(and in my case - was free - bonus!)

(image via: creamy life)

But lately I've seen them as bedside tables too...

(image via: little blue deer)

Sometimes stacked...

(image via: apartment therapy)

Sometimes painted...

(image via: creamy life)

Sometimes just as they are...

(image via: creamy life)

I think they make clever little side tables too...

(image via: unknown)

My favorite bedroom of all time - the home of Susan and William Brinson.  Their entire house is incredible and I've used pictures in posts numerous times already (and have a few to come).

(image via: design sponge)

I love the texture and rustic look these trunks add to rooms.
Sometimes they're just in a stack with no purpose whatsoever...

(image via: creamy life)

My trunk is empty - locked with no key, in fact - but wouldn't trunks be a great place to store your JUNK if you are short on storage space?  I would personally use mine for off-season sweater storage and blankets that I could grab and cuddle up on the sofa!

I love this you?

~ the brunette

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  1. Love the first ones with all those labels! I uses have a black one like the second picture as a coffee table. Umm it is now sitting in moy mother's garage!

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  3. I love chests as tables-I love functional furniture! It's awful that yours is locked, couldn't a locksmith crack it for you? The mystery of what might be inside-- love letters! Old quilts! A genie!-- would have me going crazy to open it.

  4. I love trunks! I scored one at an estate sale for $2 and serves as a "stuff" table in my entry way.

  5. Carapace - My dad swears he opened it a few years ago and it's empty - I so wish we had a key though so I could store things in it! We tried to break open the lock but almost tore the thing up!

    Ellelove - that is an awesome find!!

  6. i love this look and it has inspired me to go thrifting for the perfect trunk because i don't have one!