Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what an odd bird...

The ostrich is one odd bird!
These cute little guys are actually the largest living species of bird, can run 70 mph, have the largest eyes of any land vertebrate and are making quite a statement in home interiors!

Seriously, how precious is this little face...maybe it's just me, but I love him!

The April/May issue of Lonny featured Michelle Adam's fabulous living area covered in ostrich wallpaper!
(Michelle is actually the editor of Lonny and founder of Rubie Green fabrics, so it's only natural that she lives in this stunning space!)

How quirky, yet awesome, is this paper?!?
It is offered in a few other colors, but I think this neutral palette is what makes the super odd paper look so sophisticated!

My new blog crush, Bijou and Boheme, recently (like Saturday) covered her foyer in the same paper!  Isn't it fabulous...completely unexpected!
You must go look at her entire home tour...it's wonderful!

As much as I love the wallpaper, it's really not me...though, I would definitely take these awesome Sharon Montrose prints.   Aren't they hilarious?!?

I saved the best for last:)
I know this is a little bizarre, but to me it is perfection!  That giant ostrich above the bed if too fabulous!  I really want this room!!

(image via The Decorista)

So...what's the conclusion on decorating with this odd bird?!?  Personally, I'm in love! 
~the blonde

One more pic just because he makes me smile:)


  1. i'm with you- so cute! i love creatures.

  2. They are so darn cute, I agree! And I love Christine and her wallpaper too! XX!

  3. I'm glad there are at least two others that think these little ones are as precious as I do:)