Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm thankful for...

The brunette did a super cute "I'm thankful for..." post on Monday, and I thought I would look like a complete scrooge if I didn't follow suit! So, here's my list...

1. Real Housewives of Atlanta
I know, these ladies are complete wack-a-doos, but I love every, single minute of the insanity!  I never make it through an episode without laughing out loud, gasping in complete shock and yelling to my husband "these people are crazy."

2.  Christmas lights!  I love this time of year...everything is so sparkly and pretty!

3. This little baby boo boo...

4. Scoring these $328 boots for $86 bucks!  I've watched these Free People beauties for months and was semi-tempted when they were marked down to $199 but held out and they went to $99!  Plus, I had my 15% off bday coupon!!  I'm so excited...I feel a little guilty about not waiting for Christmas, but I couldn't resist!

5. For almost three years of marriage to this cutie:)
This pic was taken at a shower for us hosted by the brunette!  It was Halloween weekend and she went all out...isn't this awesome?!? 

6. Sequins...I'm obsessed!

7.  My amazing family!  This is me and my siblings on my birthday last year.  They are such great kids!  I'm also blessed with wonderful parents and great in-laws:) 

8.  Going to NYC in a few weeks with my hubby! 
If anyone has any "you have to do this" suggestions please comment.

9.  My girlfriends!  I really do feel blessed that I have so many great friends in my life...and I mean real friends the ones that you can be 100% completely honest and unedited with! 
The brunette is definitely one of those friends and I am forever thankful for her and the many, many conversations we have on a daily basis:)

10. You guys!  Thanks so much for reading and supporting our blog!
Happy Thanksgiving...I hope everyone eats way too much:)
~the blonde

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving girls!!!! PS that Haloween party looks amazing!!!