Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's tradition

Rugs are so essential for a room.  They literally define the space and play a major role in setting the tone for the room.  Bold, graphic rugs and these have definitely been the trend lately, but we are definitely seeing the return of the traditional rug too...

This is the room that started it all for me!
I've always been a little scared that a traditional rug like this would make your room feel dated, but obviously, this isn't the case! 

We then started noticing tons of super cool rooms with more traditional style rugs...

The great colors in this rug give it an instant update!

How awesome is this?!?  The colors, the art, the drapes, the gold bed, the rug...yum!

Love layered rugs and this is a great alternative to the natural fiber and zebra trend combo:)

Speaking of layered...how awesome is this zebra hide over the traditional rug?!?!
This is Ryan Korban's home and you can check out his portfolio here...I'm in love with him...I mean his designs:) 

Ikea offers a few awesome options...the prices are great but you can't order them online:(

Pottery Barn also has a few cool options too!

I think I'm liking this new tradition!
~the blonde

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