Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nice Stack!

I can't think of many things better than a warm fire right now - can you??

(image via: we heart it)

But in the south, piles of firewood are great hiding spots for spiders and snakes!  Not to mention, it seems like when I want a fire the most - all the wood is wet!

These inventive home owners have made firewood a beautiful part of their homes...

I love just a tall stack of wood - all piled up and ready to burn!
(image via: greige designs)

(image via: myfavoriteandmybest)

I love this alcove build just especially for the wood.  And of course the african juju hat!  :o)

(image via: desire to inspire)

Little baby stacks of wood are cute too and look a little more modern to me?  If firewood can look modern?
Or maybe it's just the great corner fireplace...

(image via: this is glamorous)

I love the contrast between the rough wood and that shiny silver angular sidetable.

(image via: bijou and boheme)

Most of us don't have built-in spaces for firewood, but I also really adore the look of the wood piled in a barrel or basket...

(image via: unknown)

And of course it always looks nice piled delicately in the fireplace...

These are just waiting to burn!

(image via: this is glamorous)

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~ the brunette


  1. Almost makes me wish I hadn't converted to gas logs - definitely puts me in the mood for a nice, cozy fire and a book!

  2. what a very cozy post!!!

    still crazy for the fur scarf!

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  4. Not a lot of call for firewood here in South-Central Texas-- I mean, it's November and I'm in shorts-- but I do love the look of a roaring fireplace!


  5. Oh I love this!! we are seaching for a place to put our fire wood I wish we could knowck out a wall and do this.

  6. i don't have much space inside for our logs but thinking of neatly stacked wood either side of our front door on our porch... have laurel trees at the moment so could frame the door then laurels using the logs ..hmmm - any ideas!!