Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pups on Furniture

Do you let your animals get on the furniture?

A long time ago I saved this photo because I loved the DIY open shelving...

(image via: cococozy)

I can't tell you how many times I looked at this photo before I noticed a dog on the kitchen counter. 
Look again. 
See him? 
 Did you see him the first time?

Instantly this became so much cuter to me!
(no I don't let mine on the kitchen counter)
But I noticed that animals in home decor photographs are really very common!

Nanette Lepore lets her furry baby on the ottoman in her dressing room - can you imagine how pampered this girl is?  I bet she wears perfume...  :o)
(image via: la dolce vita)

I love how the family is crammed in this egg chair and the dog has the whole chaise to himself...
(image via: the selby)

Cats count as pets too...I guess...  ;o)
(image via: absolutely unique)

I don't think I would ever get any work done with this cutie in my face...
(image via: unknown - lonny maybe?)

Okay get real...gross...this dog is probably thinking "why have these crazy people put me on the table for a picture"..."and where's the food that's usually up here?"...  :o)
(image via: design sponge)

Other people build special places just for their animals...
What a cute way to recycle an old drawer!

(image via: little blue deer)

Once again, the apartment of the Brinsons (which I'm obsessed with) - a special Boxer-booty-sized-rug...
(image via: design sponge)

This dog might be a little spoiled...also the Brinson home...

(image via: design sponge)

(image via: abigail ahern) - my current obsession

A Girl's Guide to Decorating

Queen of the Castle  :o)
(image via: unknown)

Who doesn't love a Westie...or two  :o)

(image via: sfgirlbybay)

(image via: beachyinthecity)

My favorite is when the pups are kind of hidden - where they don't always catch your eye at first glance - those always make me smile...

(image via: elementsofstyle)


(image via: design sponge)

Victoria from sfgirlbybay has the most beautiful white dog with amazing blue eyes...

Oh wait that's not real...
(image via: at home in arkansas blog and obviously Elle Decor)

Neither is that...
(image via: gingerella)

That's more like it!
(image via: creamylife)

I know this is silliness, but I love dogs and think they make pictures so much more interesting and just cozy!

So what do you think - do 4-legged friends make the space or ruin the pic?

~ the brunette


  1. We CANNOT let our dog on anything... As she is a great dane. :) I think our 4-legged babies make the photos grand. It makes a space feel lived in.

  2. Love the Westies :o). Is that a Bichon in the 6th picture up from bottom on the couch? You should add a husky to this mix ;)

  3. Make the space! There's nothing like an 80-pound snuggie draped over the couch.

    As I was reading this, and knowing her mother-in-law (aka "crazy cat lady!"), I knew at once after the cat remark that the Blonde wasn't the author of this piece!

  4. I don't have a dog but I can imagine if I had one he would be on our bed or on the couch all the time.

  5. So awesome! I love it! We have 2 Siamese cats on our furniture every day, not looking quite so glamorous! XX!

  6. HA! I just saw this and it cracks me up. Yes, Nero our boxer is allowed on ALL furniture. We don't fight it. XO!