Thursday, December 9, 2010

Come Fly With Me

How cute is Maria Menounos?? 
I mean seriously.

This is how I would dress 90% of the time if I could. 
Skinny jeans, boots and a jacket.

I'm loving this aviator jacket from American Eagle:

This look is just so cute and easy!

Annalynne McCord agrees.  :o)

The shearling lining is so warm and I just die for it!  :o)

In dreamland, I could get the Burberry version...

Love this ad campaign for Net-a-Porter
This whole outfit is perfection to me!

How can one look so frown-y in a jacket like this?!?! 

Rachel Zoe lives in dreamland...  :o)

Almost every store has a version of an aviator/shearling jacket right now,
but I honesly love the American Eagle version and would be thrilled to own it!
Now if it will just go on sale a little...


Hope everyone has a great THURSDAY!
One more day!

~ the brunette

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