Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Well, the blonde left for her New York trip with Hot Husband early this morning! 
(sometimes we call him "hot husband" - he is)
She had to modify her wardrobe selections slightly after hearing it had snowed a little bit yesterday, which really got me thinking about a white christmas! 

They are pretty rare here in Arkansas,
but we can still dream!  :o)

I definitely count silver as "white"...

I love collections of little trees - like a tiny magical forest!  :o)

This is a little bit of a "cheat" on the white decor - they threw in some evergreen - but I love the paperwhites.  Flowers in winter are such a pretty addition to the home. 

Another "cheater" - but I love how creative people are with chalkboards these days!

Chanel Paris went with the all white theme in their window display this season.

Wonder how long those ornaments will last?  haha

I love these little crafts - I don't know what they're called but I see them all over the internet. 
How easy and cute?!

And of course, St. Nick's favorite Christmas decor is white too!

I hope my friends are enjoying their trip so far and staying warm!
Here's hoping for a White Christmas!!

~ the brunette

(all images and sources can be found on our "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" pinboard!)

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