Friday, December 24, 2010

Too Good for Santa

My first thought when I woke up yesterday (Thursday):
"I don't have to set my alarm clock for the next 6 days!!!"

Somehow I'm up and going at 7 this morning though, and everyone wakes up early on Christmas!

I was playing on google and came across a "Santa Tracker" on Google Maps!
Isn't that fun??  Right now he's in Australia, poor soul, but he only gets about 30 seconds per city so he's MOVING!  No wonder he needs all that sugar and milk!

Speaking of cookies and milk, I really wish I had one of these mugs to help Santa out.

It is perfectly sized to hold one of these!
(and I could keep the rest to eat)  :o)

If you've really got some time on your hands, I think Santa would really appreciate this:

Truth be told, if I were Santa and had to cover an entire city in 30 seconds, I would need some coffee:

As good as Santa's been to me over the years, there are always a few items that I want more than anything, and those items I REFRAIN from putting on my list!  These items are the ones that I'm afraid Santa's elves won't be able to make, and he might miss purchasing it.
I will say these items are kind of RARE. 
Thankfully there are only a few items that I feel this strongly about.

Here are two:

This sweatercoat from Anthropologie - we have both been dying for this one.  This week, it went on SALE, plus Anthropologie was having 25% off sale items, PLUS it's my birthday month so I got another 15% off!  Sometimes things are worth waiting for!

This green wool blazer from LOFT has removable faux fur collar. 
I removed it and wore to work once already, but I love that you can "dress it up"!!

I just couldn't wait for Santa on these two items, so I think I should wear one to Christmas Eve service and the other on Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas (eve)!

~ the brunette

(for image sources, visit our pinterest page "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas")

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