Monday, December 20, 2010

a little evergreen

So I'm in love...I mean, serious-head-over-heels-in-love with the Atlantis Home/Sea of Shoes home.  Rue magazine did a feature of this home here, and I just love it the glam and warmth of this place, but my love affair is not really the point of this post...

The point is that so many of my favorite rooms, including this one, are accenting with a super deep green color...I won't say it's hunter green {shudder), so we will refer to this rich shade as evergreen:)

Yes, that antique day bed is covered in evergreen mohair!

 Green accent pillows are also used on the built-in bench seating.

Another evergreen daybed...what?!?

I am always referencing this Nate Berkus room. I love the neutral color palette with that touch of leopard and the graphic rug, but I had never really noticed that the chair was green?!?

Evergreen with other jewel tones...

Speaking of evergreen beauties...what about this stunner...I'll take two!

~the blonde


  1. breathtaking! such incredible style. and that bag is glorious!

  2. thank for the comment...glad you liked everything!

  3. Love that green bag, I've been debating going with a green bag for my next purse, I think this may have pushed me over to the definite!